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Can We Cure Periimplantitis? An Electrolytic Approach for Cleaning Infected Implant Surfaces.

18 Mar 2024


Peri-implant infections turn out to be a frequent problem. Evidence as well as dental community┬┤s clinical experience demonstrate that therapy is demanding and reasonable long-term results are difficult to achieve. Defect anatomy, macro- and micro-design of the implant compromise an adequate decontamination of the implant surface and long-term maintenance. Neither complete removal of the biofilm nor acceptable amount of re-osseointegration were achievable yet. This forces the dentist to decide whether he should remove the implant and start all over again or to maintain the implant accepting very unpredictable results.

An infected implant needs to be cleaned and kept clean to reduce or eliminate inflammation. For this a healing by achieving a complete re-osseointegration is a therapeutic aim.

The speaker will introduce the 5,5-year results of a new method of surface cleaning using an electrolytic approach and eligible techniques for augmentation. Complete re-osseointegration is possible but limited by the skills of the surgeon and anatomical characteristics like defect morphology. Clear treatment strategies and surgical techniques will be addressed and appraised.


1.Reappraisal of ethiology, definition and prevalence of peri-implantitis

2.Aims of therapy

3.Do we reach the defined aims by current treatment approaches?

4.Electrolytical cleaning (GalvoSurge)