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Spotlight on Risk Dental Conference

03 Aug 2023

There’s never been a more challenging time to practise and deliver outstanding patient care than now and it is paramount to dental and oral care practitioners constantly evolve and adapt. In such rapidly changing times, there is a need of gaining and renewing knowledge, considering the latest developments.

Spotlight on Risk Conference brings together the dental and oral care community from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore to address the latest challenges within the profession, with a focus on preventing potential risks in everyday practice.

We will look through ethical and dentolegal aspects on the following topics:

  • Social media, online reviews, promotion

  • From the casefile: A "typical day” in the practice… where can it all go wrong?

  • At the edge: Restoring balance and cultivating resilience

Brought to you by Dental Protection, this conference will enable you to gain valuable insights, enhance your career, expand your understanding of ethical and dentolegal matters, reduce the risk of complaints, and avoid potential pitfalls.

Spotlight on Risk Dental Conference is FREE and open to all dental and oral healthcare professionals.

Find out more about programme, other speakers, and register here