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Start Date: 2024-10-24
Dr. Jimmy Tsai

ClearCorrect Certiļ¬cation Course: Fundamentals of Clear Aligner Therapy.

Course Highlight:

The introduction of digital orthodontics and clear aligners has broadened the scope of orthodontic treatments significantly. Clear aligner therapy is an essential part of orthodontic treatments, for adults and children alike. Planning aligner cases, treating patients with greater efficiency, and achieving the desired results if well managed. This course aims to provide a clear overview of the fundamental principles of clear aligner therapy, the scientific basis of tooth movements with aligners, and the protocol for successful case selection and management.

01. Basic clear aligner orthodontics:

  • Ideal occlusion

  • Types of malocclusion

  • Orthodontic movements

  • Biomechanics of clear aligners

  • Application of clear aligner therapy in the general practice

  • Case selection for early success

  • Mild spacing (e.g. Diastema)

  • Mild crowding (e.g. Lower anterior)

  • Single tooth crossbite

  • Mild open bite

  • Benefits of a high trimline

02. How to start a clear aliger case: diagnosis and treatment planning

  • Appropriate case selection for clear aligner therapy

  • Simple vs complex malocclusions

  • Case submission protocol

  • Guidelines for navigating the treatment planning software

  • Case review and modification of the simulation plan

  • Navigating the Doctor Portal (participants bring a case for practice)

03. Managing the essential procedures throughout clear aligner treatment

  • Understanding the function and science of engagers / attachements

  • Understanding the role of inter-proximal enamel reduction (IPR)

  • Understanding the careful application of IPR which is integral to the success of treamtent and maintaining healthy teeth

  • Hands-on:

               - How to place engagers

               - How to perform IPR

               - Digital impression using Intra Oral Scanner

  • Tips & tricks for communication between clinical team and technicians

04. Revision for Perfection

  • Reviewing a case set up and modification

  • Understand the importance of revision in clear aligner therapy

  • Troubleshooting techniques

  • Managing aligner auxiliaries

  • Learning from case discussions