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Digital Occlusion Technology

17 Dec 2021

Balancing a patient's bite is challenging enough when you are only adjusting natural teeth. However, when you remove the patient's proprioceptive ability to feel their bite – which is the case when implants are involved – you are putting your implant artistry, and reputation, at risk. 

T-Scan™ digital occlusal analysis technology is trusted by hundreds of doctors around the world to collect vital bite force and timing and detect imbalances before they become destructive. In this webinar, Dr. Robert Kerstein, DMD, and author of the Essential Research Handbook on Digital Occlusal Technology will share his strategies for applying technology to help remove any doubts when working with patients through all phases of implant dentistry. 

This On Demand Webinar will cover:

·    How occlusion impacts nearly every aspect of dentistry, and why relying solely on analog occlusal indicators presents an uphill battle when solving everyday challenges

·    Where and how digital occlusal analysis technology enhances your complete digital workflow

·    Real case studies applying T-Scan to pinpoint regions to adjust and protect an implant patient's bite


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