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ITI Study Club You’ll Never Drill Alone - Implant Study Club

29 Nov 2022

ITI Study Club You’ll Never Drill Alone

2023 Study Club Meetings

Study Club Directors: Dr. Alex Cheung & Dr. Bosco Hui

Recent technology in implant dentistry: TLX implants and prosthesis choice

16 Mar 2023, THUR

Tissue level and bone level implants have excellent records of success rate in replacing missing teeth for patients. Moreover, implant technology is provisional and changes as we know more. It is also cumulative: the more we know, the more certain we can be. Newer implant design and technology come to find us here and there. Let’s have a discussion on the update of the new trend in implant dentistry.

Bone augmentation: Surgical technique exchanges

18 May 2023, THUR

Adequate bone support is the foundation of successful implant therapy. However, the bone volume changes right after the extractions and there are various conditions that may affect the bone quality and quantity. Bone augmentation is the key to resolving the condition. Many of us use different types of bone substitutes, membranes, and techniques, we would like to have a night with every one of you to have a knowledge and experience exchange on this issue.

Aesthetics considerations for dental implants

13 Jul 2023, THUR (Tentative)

For every tooth replacement with implants, we need to have both functional and aesthetic considerations. Not only must the dental restoration be naturally beautiful, but also the supporting bone and gingival tissue must appear naturally aesthetic in shape and color. Anatomical, biological, surgical, and prosthodontic principles are the four main factors to consider in achieving a good aesthetic outcome for implant therapy. A night for us to share and discuss how we can achieve excellent results for our patients.

Guided implant surgery: Ideas and experiences exchanges

12 Oct 2023, THUR (Tentative)

Guided surgery aims to help the dentist to combine computer-aided planning with actual implant surgery. Various techniques and guide designs are available in the field for us to choose from. 3D printing guides are also available in clinical settings. We would like to invite our colleagues to share their experiences and ideas about the recent technology in guided implant surgery in our study club meeting.

Vision and Aim for ''You'll Never Drill Alone'' ITI Study Club

Nowadays, implant offers great advantages for the replacement of missing teeth. Our study club wants to offer our members a deeper insight in implant therapy, from fundamental to advanced treatment. With our experiences in oral surgery and prosthodontic treatment, we would like to share our views on implant assessment & planning, implant surgery, and final restorations. Clinical experience and knowledge exchange would benefit every one of us in the study club. 

With Dr. Hui as an oral surgeon and Dr. Cheung as a prosthodontist, the experience of our team approach in implant therapy will be shared, with an emphasis on digital planning and surgical techniques. 

Dr. Cheung Chi Hang, Alex
BDS (HK), MDS (Pros) (HK), MPros RCSEd, FCDSHK(Pros), FHKAM(Dental Surgery)

Dr. Alex Cheung obtained his BDS degree in Faculty of dentistry, HKU in 2011. He then went on his postgraduate training in Prosthodontics. He graduated from MDS(Pros) in 2015 and obtained the Membership in Prosthodontics of the Royal college of surgeons of Edinburg in 2016. He finished the exit examination and registered as a Prosthodontist in 2020. He is currently appointed as part-time clinical tutor in Faculty of dentistry, HKU, which involves teaching undergraduates and clinical cases. He is also running a private multidisciplinary clinic with his fellow colleagues.

Dr. Hui Sheung Yu, Bosco

Dr Hui completed his dental training in The University of Hong Kong. After his graduation, he entered the department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) as a junior resident, then proceeded to his Masters in OMFS. He completed his OMFS training in 2018 and registered as a specialist in 2019. Dr Hui is currently an honorary clinical assistant professor in The University of Hong Kong involved in clinical teaching cases, supervision of postgraduate trainees as well as the teaching of BDS undergraduates.

Recap of the 2022 ITI You'll Never Drill Alone Study Club Meetings