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Complete dentures ---- Essential - Practical -Troubleshooting

Start Date: 2020-07-03
Dr. Wan Kong Yuk, Annie FCDSHK (Pros) FHKAM (Dental Surgery) AdvDipProsthodont (HK) MClinDent (Pros) (Lond) MDS (Pros) (HK) M Pros RCSEd BDS (HK)
Course Highlight: CME Programme. Dentures. Webinar

Complete dentures are challenging for both dentists and patients. Are these challenges due to anatomical factors or technical procedures? How can they be overcome? There are no short cuts in making effective dentures whether they are tissue- or implant-supported.  This presentation will examine key considerations from assessment to technique principles for the construction of successful complete dentures. The role of complete denture construction in implant overdenture and management of various problems with dentures will also be discussed

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