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Start Date: 2022-10-17
Dr. Kenneth Lew

Strategies to Improve the Predictability in Clear Aligners: What Can Dentists Do?

Course Highlight:

In last decade, clear aligners (CA) have made an unprecedented splash in the field of orthodontics in the treatment of malocclusions. The end goal of any successful orthodontic treatment is to achieve good clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Over time, the range of malocclusions that can be treated by CA has widened from simple alignment of teeth to more complex extraction cases. The question that we as clinicians face from patients as we present our CA Treatment Simulations is how predictable these simulations are when it translates to the final treatment outcome.


To improve the predictability of clear aligners (CA), some fundamental principles should be followed. The 6 Keys which are considered crucial are:

 1) Space is needed for Orthodontic Tooth movement (OTM)– Expansion, Enamel Stripping/Interproximal Reduction (IPR) and Extractions: The 3Es

2) CA Push teeth unlike Fixed braces which can pull or push teeth

3) Anchorage planning for efficient tooth is crucial in CA treatment

4) Multiplane OTM are possible with CA

5) Over-engineering OTM in Treatment Software is crucial

6) Artificial Intelligence driven Orthodontics using CAD-CAM technology and retrospective outcome of treated cases has improved by leaps and bounds. This has led to success in treatment of simple cases. However, recent studies have shown under-expression of certain OTM which would require the clinician to modify the Treatment Simulations with the Technicians from the Aligner companies to achieve the desired treatment outcome predictably.


This presentation will address the 6 Keys to success with Clear Aligner Treatment.


Learning objectives

- Clear Aligners is a viable alternative to Fixed braces

- Understanding the fundamentals of Clear Aligners

- How to improve the predictability of Treatment Simulations

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