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Start Date: 2022-09-12
Prof. Francesco Mangano. DDs, PHD, FICD.

Full Arch Implant Impression with Intraoral Scanners: The Keys To Success

Course Highlight: The use of intraoral scanners, key factors determine the quality of the impression



In the full arch implant impression, the use of intraoral scanners is still considered a challenge. However, today the use of intraoral scanners in full arch implant scanning is possible, provided the operator is familiar with the key factors in determining the quality of the impression. These factors are:

1. the intrinsic accuracy of the scanner;

2. the scanning strategy and operator experience;

3. the number, position, inclination and depth of the implants;

4. the environmental conditions;

5. the type of scanbody chosen;

6. the congruence between scanbody mesh and implant library.

In this lecture, the speaker will report on all these factors, and their influence in determining the final quality of the impression.

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