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Start Date: 2021-12-18
Dr Chan Fuk Shing, Brian BDS, MSc, DPDS, MFGDP, MFDS (Glasg), MFDS (Edin)

In-House 3D Printing of Surgical Guide at Limited Cost

Course Highlight: 3D Printing, Digital Dentistry, CBCT, “Meshmixer”, “BlueSkyPlan”, Guided Surgery

With the advent of CBCT, intraoral scanner, desktop scanner, 3D printer and milling machine, different implant companies develop their digital workflows including numerous proprietary implant planning software, guided surgery kits and expensive 3D printers. However, the users either have to buy the closed system software with annual fee or outsource the task to the implant companies producing the surgical guide at a significant cost.

After taking this Hands-On course, you will consider stepping away from the implant companies and expand your vision with ‘open’ and ‘free’ implant planning software in the boom of digital dentistry. I will also show you how to print your surgical guide with ANY implant systems on-site. You don’t need to change your implant systems. Nothing is sold in the course. I will also show you where to get a low-cost desktop 3D printer (different from 2019).

Course content:

Attendee will need to bring their own laptop with several softwares pre-installed (preferably not a Macbook), and a mouse

1.            Guided Surgery – Types, Advantages, Accuracy, Inaccuracy, Complications

2.            Data Acquisition for fabricating surgical guide – Intra-oral scanner and Desktop scanner (Demo)

3.            Use of “Meshmixer” software for digital wax-ups, digital extraction and customized 3D-printed temporary

4.            Use of “BlueSkyPlan” Implant Planning Software for the following exercises

•             Single implant case

•             Multiple parallel implants case

•             Immediate extraction and anterior implant placement case

•             Edentulous case with dual scan and triple scan

•             AllOn4 case

•             Highly scattered case

5.            Surgical Guide Design for above cases

6.            Types of 3D printer for dental use

7.            Resins and its profiles

8.            Printer’s Slicing software - Support, Orientation, Profile settings required for successful 3D printing

9.            3D-Printing of Surgical Guide (On-site Printing and Post-processing)

*             Best resin profile setting required for surgical guide printing, Christian Brenes tooth and pontic library and different useful STL files will be given for printing)

**   6 complimentary STL exports worth USD120 from BlueSkyBio USA

*** Course certificate issued by BlueSkyBio USA

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    9:00 am - 5:30 pm
    17/F, CEO Tower, 77 Wing Hong Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, HONG KONG
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